Interview with Battle Helm, 2012

SKALD might have been scorned in most reviews but give them a chance and you’ll notice that there are more to them that meet the ear. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I’ve thought hard and long on it but I still have no idea why people want to play folk metal. What is folk metal exactly?
-Why people would want to play folk metal? I have no idea actually.

Interview with Legacy, 2011

Interview with Henrik by the German zine Legacy

Click here for interview in German - use some online translator if you're not entirely fluent in ze German language.

Interview with With Strength We Burn, 2006

The following is an online interview from 12/09/06 with Hebbe, musician and vocalist for the Swedish Folk Metal band Skald. Skald has two demos, both of which are available for download from their website. Skald also has a MySpace page with 4 songs available for listen and download.

WSWB- Hails, Hebbe of Skald! Thank you taking time for this.

Hebbe- Hails! And thank you for doing this interview