Trolska Vemodsband

1. Vemod (intro) 02.45
2. Minnen från en Söndervittrad Skepnad 03.49
3. I Vildmarkens Majestät 03.24
4. Lindormen * 04.41
5. Snärjad 05.31
6. När Allt Tystnar * 02.21

Total playing time

Released as Demo
Available on MP3 (free download) and a limited CD-editon of 20 (sold out)
Release date 2006-12-03

Henrik Kindvall - Clean- grim- & background vocals and mouth-harp
David Wiktorsson - Acoustic- electric- & bass guitars

Guitars, bass & drums recorded and written in Geggah Studio, vocals & mouth-harp
recorded in DraugStudio, between the mellow spring of April and the brooding lunar
darkness of October. Arranged and mixed by Skald in Geggah Studio November 2006. 
All music by David. All lyrics by Henrik. Cover painting made by Johan "amf" Aronsson.

"Lindormen" and "När Allt Tystnar" are also available in different versions on the MCD "I En Svunnen Tid"